1.221J | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Transportation Systems

Lecture Notes

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Block I: Introduction / Philosophy / Basic Transportation Systems Concepts
1 Introduction: Context, Concepts, and Characterization (PDF) Introduction: Context, Concepts, and Characterization (PDF)
2-3 Transportation System Components: An Internal and External Perspective (PDF)

Transportation System Components: An Internal Perspective (PDF)

Transportation System Components: An External Perspective (PDF)

The Customer and Level-of-Service (PDF)

4 Article for Discussion (PDF) Networks (PDF)
5-10 Transportation Systems: 30 Key Points (PDF)

Transportation Systems: Key Points 1-10 (PDF)

Transportation Systems: Key Points 11-17 (PDF)

Transportation Systems: Key Points 18-24 (PDF)

Transportation Systems: Key Points 25-30 (PDF)

Models and Frameworks (PDF)

Modeling Concepts (PDF)

Block II: Freight Transportation
11-18 Freight (PDF)

Rail Freight (PDF)

The Logistics System and Freight Level-of-Service (PDF)

Railroads: Introductory Concepts (PDF)

Railroad Operations (PDF)

Railroad Terminals: P-MAKE Analysis to Predict Network Performance (PDF)

Car Costs and Level-of-Service (PDF)

The Kwon Model–Power, Freight Car Fleet Size, and Service Priorities: A Simulation Application (PDF)

Measuring Origin-Destination Service and Other Rail Issues (PDF)

Trucking (PDF)

Ocean Shipping, International Freight, and Freight Summary (PDF)

Block III: Traveler Transportation
19-27 Traveler Transportation and Summary (PDF)

Traveler Transportation: Introduction (PDF)

Commuting, Non-work Travel and Safety, and Some Transportation History (PDF)

Traveler Level-of-Service (PDF)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (PDF)

The Urban Transportation Planning Process and Real-Time Network Control (PDF)

Traffic Signals and Other Control Measures (PDF)

Deterministic Queuing (PDF)

Urban Public Transportation (PDF)

Intercity Traveler Transportation: Air (PDF)

Intercity Traveler Transportation: Rail (PDF)

Block IV: Summary
28 Summary Summary (PDF)
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