1.253J | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Transportation Policy and Environmental Limits

Lecture Notes

The two instructors for the course lecture on each topic covered in class, and their lectures are presented here.

Lecture 2 - Tragedy of the Concrete Commons (Joe Coughlin) (PDF)

Lecture 3 - Managed Conflict (Joe Coughlin) (PDF); Commons Problem (Fred Salvucci) (PDF)

Lecture 4 - Who to Regulate (Joe Coughlin) (PDF); Clean Air Act, Pollution, and Technology (Fred Salvucci) (PDF)

Lecture 5 - Pricing for Change (Joe Coughlin) (PDF); Congestion Pricing (Fred Salvucci) (PDF)

Lecture 6 - Nature of Congressional Process (Fred Salvucci) (PDF)

Lecture 7 - Logan Runway Case (Joe Coughlin) (PDF); Kierkegaard: Pattern Breaks (Fred Salvucci) (PDF)