The major deliverable work for students is a project, due near the end of the term. The project can be a white paper for publication, a case study for future teaching use, or a business plan. It is hoped that most of the projects will be conceived by students to follow an area of their interest. Other projects can be on topics suggested by the instructor.

  • Note that there will be some flexibility called for with respect to calendar and to tasks, as it’s not yet known what the project topics will be.
  • There will be several interim assignments with respect to the projects. The objective is to identify topics early, to promote a steady work plan for the effort, and to allow time for editing and redirection.
  • It is expected that at the end of the term, all of the projects will be compiled and published as a contribution to the thinking about the future of the construction industry.
  • The class is organized along the lines that a Table of Contents might be organized for the final work product. Similarly, most of the Topics in the class schedule make good possible subject categories for papers, when applied with the Competitive Advantage model.

Between lectures 2 and 3 All students must submit via email before 5 pm today, a one page discussion of the project they would like to consider for their final project. Discussion should include but not be limited to:

What is the topic you wish to study?

What questions do you expect to explore?

At this time do you envision this as a white paper potentially for publication, as a case study potentially for future instruction, or as a business plan?

Why are you interested in this topic?

What other studies or experience of yours will you potentially draw from?

Do you expect that this project might be of a confidential nature, for example if it is about a family business or a potential proprietary intellectual property advance?

This marks the 5% completion point of the project.

Between lectures 4 and 5 All students must submit via email before 5 pm today, a three page summary of the project they would like to consider for their final paper. Discussion should include but not be limited to:


Abstract: A paragraph setting up the issue, describing the [intended] research or analysis, and discussing the possible conclusions. This is similar to the front end of an academic paper or a thesis.

Outline: I would like to see the key areas that will be covered. This should be in enough depth to be easily converted into a 10 page paper in the end. I am looking for a structure that shows you have thought about doing more than just describing a situation; and I am hoping that the outline becomes a work plan that helps you manage your drafting time going forward.

Key References: To what articles, companies, writings, or websites do expect to make your key references?

This marks the 20% completion point of the project.

Between lectures 7 and 9 All students must submit project drafts that are 60% complete (all of the organization, most of the writing, most of the research).
9 All students must submit their 100% complete projects electronically, by the start of the class session.

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