10.37 | Spring 2007 | Undergraduate

Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering


This review is courtesy of David Adrian. Used with permission.

MATLAB® Review (PDF)

Demonstrates the use of various ODE solvers to integrate a pair of interdependent ODEs: odesintegrate.m (M)

Finds the sides of a rectangle with a given perimeter and area: multiplefsolve.m (M)

Show how to use events in ODE integrators to keep track of user-defined significant time-points: learntouseevents.m (M)

Sample solutions to the exercises:

sampleproblem1.m (M)
sampleproblem2.m (M)
sampleproblem3.m (M)
sampleproblem4.m (M)
sampleproblem5.m (M)

The ZIP archive below contains the above files:

MATLAB® Review (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: matlab_review.pdf, and 8 .m files.)

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