11.006 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate

Poverty and Economic Security


1 Introduction Overview: Poverty and Economic Security
2 Introduction (continued)
3 Data, Metrics, and Analysis: Poverty and Economic Security

We will look at the broad categories and the focus on the four groups, the truly poor, the working poor, and the struggling middle class.

4 The Demography of Poverty, Race, Class, and Income

Assignment 1 due

5 Geography of Poverty, Race, Class, and Income
6 Class, Poverty, and Economic Access and the Rise of the Middle Class
7 Evolution of Poverty and Economics of the Nation
8 Higher Education and the First Generation

Assignment 2 due

9 Immigration, Social Exclusion or Integration
10 Evolution of Poverty and Economic Status, and the Rise of Inequality

Assignment 3 due

11 Evolution of Poverty (continued from week 10)
12 Poverty in a Global Perspective
13 Final Projects Due

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