Global Cityscope is divided into four modules that correspond to the four traditional phases of disaster management (sometimes called emergency management). 

Module 1 (Weeks 2–4): Disaster Mitigation


U.S. Disaster Policies: History and Institutions

Mitigation Planning and Policy Strategies: Local, State, and Federal (First draft of Disaster Memo due session #6)

Measuring and Mapping Vulnerability  (First draft of Disaster Mitigation Memo due session #8)

Module 2 (Weeks 5–8): Preparedness and Planning


Social and Economic Vulnerabilities

Community Resilience

Emergency Management Planning

Communication and Risk Management (Policies and Plans)

Week 7: Workshop in Valparaíso, Chile

Module 3 (Weeks 9–11): Disaster Response


Emergency Planning

Supporting Emergency Response Operations

Coordination and Collaboration in Emergency Response Planning and Management

Module 4 (Weeks 12–13): Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding


Recovery Time Frames and Differential Recovery Rates

Long-Term Recovery

Post-Disaster Recovery Planning and Reconstruction

Post-Disaster Housing Planning and Land Readjustment