Major Assignments

Straw Towers

  • Building Straw Towers presentation
  • Straw Towers and Learning Environments summary ( PDF)
  • Towers will be judged on: originality, hurricane resistance (using a fan), and height (to the top)
  • Straw Towers Results

The results of the Straw Towers activity are written on the board. (Image courtesy of Eric Klopfer and Wendy Huang.)

Pulleys ( PDF)

Technology in Education Poster ( PDF)

Town Hall Debate ( PDF)

Technology Centered Environments

Based on your in-class experiences with educational technologies, what you have learned from your research and what you have read about educational technologies, you will individually write a five page paper on whether (or not) creating technology-centered environments should be considered as a broad educational goal. Your paper will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Ability to integrate your experiences with educational theory and research.
  • Evidence to support your perspective on technology-centered environments.
  • Coherence and consistency writing.

Math Games

  • Math Games ( PDF)
  • Math Games Rubric ( PDF)
  • Math games type handout ( PDF)

Final Portfolio ( PDF)

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