Major Assignments

Straw Towers

  • Building Straw Towers presentation
  • Straw Towers and Learning Environments summary (PDF)
  • Towers will be judged on: originality, hurricane resistance (using a fan), and height (to the top)
  • Straw Towers Results
      A table with three columns is written on the chalkboard.

The results of the Straw Towers activity are written on the board. (Image courtesy of Eric Klopfer and Wendy Huang.)

Pulleys (PDF)

Technology in Education Poster (PDF)

Town Hall Debate (PDF)

Technology Centered Environments

Based on your in-class experiences with educational technologies, what you have learned from your research and what you have read about educational technologies, you will individually write a five page paper on whether (or not) creating technology-centered environments should be considered as a broad educational goal. Your paper will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Ability to integrate your experiences with educational theory and research.
  • Evidence to support your perspective on technology-centered environments.
  • Coherence and consistency writing.

Math Games

  • Math Games (PDF)
  • Math Games Rubric (PDF)
  • Math games type handout (PDF)

Final Portfolio (PDF)

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