You have two months to design and construct a web-based portfolio that will not only serve as a central repository for your work as you progress through the program, but will also communicate your professional and scholarly interests. In addition to this project, there are laboratory exercises that you will have a week or two to complete. Each will integrate with your portfolio.

In addition to attending recitations, you should work through the lab exercises at a time and in a place that is convenient for you. Collaboration with and assistance from fellow students is encouraged.

For every lab, there is an associated help file for you to reference.

Lab 1 WWW Portal Page Building (PDF) (PDF)
Lab 2 Visual Representation and Analysis of Place (PDF) (PDF)
Lab 3 Using Excel to Understand Population Change (PDF) (PDF - 2.7 MB)
Lab 4 Using ArcGIS™ to Visualize Population Density (PDF) (PDF - 2.8 MB)
Lab 5 Using Access to Query Multiple Data Sets (PDF) (PDF - 1.6 MB)
Lab 6 Using GIS Tools to Compare Two Aspects of Central Square (PDF) (PDF - 2.2 MB)
Project 1 Web-based Planning Portfolio (PDF)  
Project 2 Exploring, Analyzing, and Describing a Massachusetts Town (PDF)

Evaluation Criteria (PDF)


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