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Financing Economic Development


Several of the assignments listed below are found in the required textbook; page numbers can be found listed after each assignment.

Seidman, Karl F. Economic Development Finance. Sage, 2005. ISBN: 9780761927099.

Financial Analysis Worksheets

These worksheets are intended to extend and reinforce key financial analysis concepts and skills introduced in class. They summarize the purpose, interpretation, and formulas for key calculation and require several calculations and brief comments on their interpretation and related issues. Completion of the worksheets is required, but they will not be graded.

Case Study Analyses

Five case study write-ups are listed on the syllabus. The background, financial data and assignment for each case is found in the corresponding chapter of the textbook, or separate case study material. Four of the case study write-ups include financial analysis and a brief (3 page) write-up that addresses the specific questions posed in the assignment. The written discussion should incorporate the results of the financial analysis required in the assignment, with the financial analysis or projections attached as an appendix. One case study involves analyzing a city’s development finance system and formulating recommendations to make it more effective. Four of the case studies can be found in the required textbook:

  • Class 6: Working Capital Loan Request Analysis (Crystal Clear Window Company) - Pages 103-110
  • Class 9: Employee Buyout Loan Request Analysis (Phoenix Forge) - Pages 123-132
  • Class 13: Federal Programs and Real Estate Finance (Inner City Supermarket) - Pages 334-340
  • Class 19: Development Finance System and CDFIs (Cleveland) (PDF)
  • Class 24: Raising Capital for a Development Finance Entity (Manufacturer’s Fund Recapitalization) - Pages 433-439

Term Project

The term project is only required for graduate students, and entails a team of graduate students working on a finance project for a client. This fall, four of the term projects are focused on financing issues related to economic development in Detroit. Only one team may work on a project. A brief (1-2 page) project work plan is due by Class 8. The final written project and other deliverables are due on Class 26.

Below are examples of student projects that were produced during the Fall 2016 iteration of the course.

Leveraging Development Incentives in Detroit (PDF)” prepared for the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Food Access Financing in Detroit (PDF - 3.7MB)” prepared for the Michigan Good Food Fund

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