11.489 | Fall 2005 | Graduate

The Growth and Spatial Structure of Cities


Students will sign up to serve as discussion leaders for at least one session during the semester. Discussion leaders’ responsibilities will be to present two key discussion questions to class participants in advance of the course meeting (by 9 AM the day of class). Also, students are responsible for writing three memos over the course of the semester, one due in Month 1, one in Month 2, and one in Month 3, that reflect on the readings or topics discussed in the course. The main requirement is a final paper, due at the end of the fall term. Students are encouraged to focus on a real city or neighborhood that is being transformed by urban growth or decline, rather than discussing more general ideas like globalization and growth, internet economy and growth, etc. A prospectus for the final paper will be due before Ses #19.

A selection of exemplary student work is included below. All work is courtesy of the student named and used with permission.

Lindsay Cambell (PDF) (PDF)
Danny Klingler   (PDF)

Final Paper

“Queen (City) of Feast, Queen of Famine: Economic Structures and Agency in the “Fall” of Cincinnati” - Danny Klingler (PDF)

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