Lecture Notes

1 Course Overview (PDF)
2 Tractions (PDF)
3 Stress Tensor (PDF)
4 Stress Tensor (cont.) (PDF)
5 Stress Tensor in Different Coordinate Systems (PDF)
6 Pore Fluid Pressure (PDF)
7 Newton’s Second Law (PDF)
8 Stress in the Earth (PDF)
9 Stress Rotation (PDF)
10 Sandbox Tectonics (PDF)
11 Sandbox Tectonics - Simple Theory (PDF)
12 Displacement Gradients (PDF)
13 Measurement of Displacement Gradient Tensor (PDF)
14 Finite Strain (PDF)
15 Elasticity (PDF)
16 Simple Example: Uniaxial Strain (PDF)
17 Special Cases (PDF)
18 Dislocation in Elastic Halfspace Model of the Earthquake Cycle (PDF)
19 Stress and Strain from a Screw Dislocation (PDF)
20 Plates (PDF)
21 Plates (cont.) (PDF)
22 Plates (cont.) (PDF)
23 Plates Summary and Fluids (PDF)
24 Fluids (cont.) (PDF)
25 Navier Stokes Equation (PDF)
26 Growth and Decay of Boundary Undulations (PDF)
27 Flow in Porous Media (PDF)
28 Time Dependent Porous Flow (PDF)

Course Info

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Spring 2006