12.103 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate
Strange Bedfellows: Science and Environmental Policy


Students are divided into groups at the start of the term. Each group focuses on an environmental policy issue. For the written assignments, students research their topic in depth in groups and write essays as individuals. The culmination of each case study is a group presentation. A sample set of essays and a final presentation on the pesticide DDT, representing one student’s trajectory through the course, is provided here with permission, courtesy of Emma Bassein.

The assignments are due in the lecture sessions noted in the table below.

8 Assignment 1 (PDF) Indiscriminately From the Skies (PDF)
16 Assignment 2 (PDF) DDT as an Endocrine Disruptor in Human and Nonhuman Test Cases (PDF)
Three Days after Lec #20 Assignment 3 (PDF) Lives on the Line: DDT, Malaria, and Infant Mortality (PDF)
23-24 Final Presentation DDT Presentation (PDF) (Courtesy of Emma Bassein and Cassandra Roth. Used with permission.)

Grading Rubric for Presentations (PDF)

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