12.103 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate
Strange Bedfellows: Science and Environmental Policy


1 Introduction

2 Science, Policy, and the Environment

3 Overview of Case Studies I and II: Biopreserves and Nuclear Waste Disposal

4 Overview of Case Studies III and IV: Climate Change and the Role of DDT in Malaria Control

5 Building Research Skills

6 Laws, Regulations, and International Treaties

7 Players, Problem Framing, and Science I

8 Players, Problem Framing, and Science II Assignment 1 due
9 Players, Problem Framing, and Science III

10 Players, Problem Framing, and Science IV

11 The Role of Modeling in Science and Policy

12 Modeling and Prediction I

13 Modeling and Prediction II

14 Modeling and Prediction III

15 Modeling and Prediction IV

16 Probability and Risk Assignment 2 due
17 Scientific Uncertainty I

18 Scientific Uncertainty II

19 Scientific Uncertainty III

20 Scientific Uncertainty IV Assignment 3 due three days after Lec #20
21 Looking Back

22 Is There A Better Way?

23-24 Final Reports Full report due
25 Final Discussion

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