Lecture Notes

Note: As with most if not all academic work, the lecture notes represent the instructor’s view of the material and incorporate derivations drawn from many sources. In some cases references and/or sources may be incomplete.

1 Basics (PDF)
2 Boussinesq (PDF)
3 Available Potential Energy (PDF)
4 Internal Gravity Waves (PDF)
5 Surface Forced IGW’s (PDF)
6 Curvilinear Coordinates (PDF)
7 Pressure-like Coordinates (PDF)
8 Surface Waves (PDF)
9 Shallow Water Equations (PDF)
10 Thermodynamics (PDF)
11 Laplace Tidal Equations (PDF)
12 Laplace Tidal Equations (LTE) (PDF)
13 Hough Functions (PDF)
14 Laplace Tidal Equations (VSE) (PDF)
15 Equatorial Beta Plane (PDF)
16 Rotating Waves in a Channel (PDF)
17 Leewaves in Compressible Fluid
18 Quasigeostrophy (PDF)
19 WKB Approx. and Atmospheric Modes (PDF)
20 Eady Problem (PDF)