Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for the first twenty sessions are provided below.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Fundamental balance and conservations principles for quasi-balanced flow (PDF)
3 Equations of motion (PDF)
4 Circulation (PDF)
5 Potential vorticity (PDF)
6 Invertibility (PDF)
7 Potential vorticity and invertibility in the shallow water equations (PDF)
8 Quasigeostrophy and Pseudo-potential vorticity (PDF)
9 Quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity (PDF)
10 An example of the application of “potential vorticity” (PDF)
11 Boundary conditions (PDF)
12 Eady edge waves (PDF)
13 The superposition principle (PDF)
14 The secondary circulation (PDF)
15 Higher-order balance systems (PDF)
16 Rossby waves (PDF)
17 Quasi-geostrophic Rossby waves (PDF)
18 Barotropic instability (PDF)
19 Barotropic instability (cont.) (PDF)
20 The Charney-Stern theorem (PDF)