14.03 | Fall 2016 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy


Problem Sets (30%)

I will assign six problem sets. P-sets typically include a set of pure theory questions and a set of application questions, often based on readings. Note: Problem sets are not available to OCW users.

Three Exams (20% Each, 60% Total)

There will be two in-class, closed-book exams of 80 minutes in length. There will also be a closed book final exam during the finals period. You will have 120 minutes to complete the final, but it won’t have more material (or count for more) than the prior two exams. The extra time is only to help you to relax.

Each exam will focus on the new material since the previous exam, although of course you will need to understand the older material to apply the new material. The exams will be based on the lecture notes, problem sets, assigned readings and classroom discussion. Performance on exams is highly correlated with performance on problem sets.

If you miss an exam for an excused reason, I will offer a written makeup or an oral exam on the blackboard. Students typically find oral exams painful. But, I will not write a new exam for only one or two students. So, an oral exam is reasonably likely.

Class Participation (5%) and In-class Quizzes (5%)

If you participate regularly in class, I will learn your name and count your participation towards your grade. I will also give about a half dozen in-class quizzes at the start of lecture. These quizzes will be brief, non-technical checkups on your knowledge of what’s going on in the class (readings, lectures, problem sets). I also cold call in class to help overcome your natural shyness and ward off your natural sleepiness.

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