14.13 | Spring 2020 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Psychology and Economics


Starred readings are required. Please read these papers before coming to class. The instructor will announce in each class which paper(s) to read for the subsequent class(es). Non-starred readings are not required, but they may help you understand the materials covered in lectures or problem sets. You might want to consult these papers in case you’d like to deepen your understanding of the material covered in class, but we will not test you on the content of these papers beyond the parts that are covered in class.

Lectures 1–2: Introduction and Overview

Lectures 3–6: Time Preferences 

Introduction to Time Preferences

Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting

Empirical Applications

Lectures 7–9: Risk Preferences and Reference-Dependent Preferences

Introduction to Risk Preferences

Reference-Dependent Preferences

Empirical Applications

Lectures 10–13: Social Preferences

Modeling and Measuring Social Preferences

Empirical Applications**

Lecture 14: Limited Attention

Lectures 15–16: Utility from Beliefs: Learning

Lecture 17: State-Dependent Preferences, Projection, and Attribution Bias

Lecture 18: Gender, Discrimination, and Identity

Lecture 19: Defaults, Nudges, and Frames

Lecture 20: Malleability and Inaccessibility of Preferences

Lecture 21: Poverty through the Lens of Psychology

Lecture 22: Happiness and Mental Health

Lecture 23: Policy with Behavioral Agents

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