14.27 | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Economics and E-Commerce


The calendar is organized around particular online business and the economic principles that help us understand or analyze that business. Basically, what have economists said about these online businesses?

1 Introduction  
2–3 Review  
4 Entry, Market Structure, and Concentration  
5 Online Auctions Pset 1 due
6 eBay: Growth and Changes Over Time  
7 The Shift Away from Auctions  
8 The Economics of Group Purchasing  
9 Price Search Pset 2 due
10 Search and Obfuscation on the Internet  
11 In-class Midterm Exam  
12 Extremely High Search Costs and the Internet  
13 E-retail  
14 Price Discrimination  
15 Sales Tax and E-commerce Pset 3 due
16 Search Advertising and Sponsored Links  
17 Auction Types and Settings  
18 Banner and Display Advertising Online  
19 Alibaba and Corporate Governance Pset 4 due
20 In-class Final Exam  
21 TBD  
22–23 No class. Required office hours.
(This will give you more time to work on your projects.)
24 Presentations Final paper due
25 Presentations (cont.)  
26 Presentations (cont.)  
27 Presentations (cont.)  

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