14.30 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Statistical Method in Economics


This section features exams from three different semesters. For the Fall 2006 exams, formula sheets were distributed for each test and are provided below.

All solution files are courtesy of the person named and are used with permission.

Spring 2006 Exam 1 (PDF)

Exam 1 Formula Sheet (PDF)

(PDF) (Tonja Bowen Bishop)
Spring 2006 Exam 2 (PDF)

Exam 2 Formula Sheet (PDF)

(PDF) (Tonja Bowen Bishop)
Spring 2006 Exam 3 (PDF)

Exam 3 Formula Sheet (PDF)

(PDF) (Tonja Bowen Bishop)
Fall 2004 Exam 1 (PDF) (PDF) (Guy Michaels)
Fall 2004 Exam 2 (PDF) (PDF) (Bilal Zia)
Fall 2004 Exam 3 (PDF) (PDF) (Bilal Zia)
Fall 2003 Exam 1 (PDF) (PDF) (Eric Moos)
Fall 2003 Exam 2 (PDF) (PDF) (Eric Moos)
Fall 2003 Exam 3 (PDF) (PDF) (Eric Moos)

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