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Public Economics I


Recitation materials prepared by Daan Struyven. Used with permission.

Recitation Ses # TOPICS Files
1 Exact consumer surplus Recitation 1 notes (PDF)
2 Impact of factor tax 1 sector/2 factors GE model Recitation 2 notes (PDF)
3 Labor supply Recitation 3 notes (PDF)
4 Government intervention in the housing market: Who wins, who loses? Recitation 4 notes (PDF)
5 Consumption externalities and imperfect competitive pricing Recitation 5 notes (PDF)
6 Optimal taxation and public production I: Production efficiency Recitation 6 notes (PDF)
7 Application of linear taxation to intertemporal taxation Recitation 7 notes (PDF)
8 Introduction to MATLAB®

Recitation #8 ODE (M)

9 Pareto efficient income taxation

Recitation 9 notes (PDF)

Prof. Iván Werning’s presentation “Pareto Efficient Income Taxation.”  (PDF) NBER Public Economics Meeting, April 2007.

10 Income taxation with fixed hour of work Recitation 10 notes (PDF)
11 Dynamic insurance Recitation 11 notes (PDF)
12 Elasticity of intertemporal substitution (EIS) Recitation 12 notes (PDF)
13 Overview tax results Recitation 13 notes (PDF)

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