14.771 | Fall 2021 | Graduate

Development Economics


This course was team-taught by Prof. Esther Duflo and Prof. Benjamin Olken. Prof. Frank Schilbach was a guest lecturer for sessions 4 and 5. 

Session 1: Introduction (Esther Duflo)

Session 2: Poverty Traps: Theory (Esther Duflo)

Session 3: Poverty Traps: Graduation Programs (Esther Duflo)

Sessions 4–5: Behavioral Development Economics (Frank Schilbach)

  • Problem set 1 due

Session 6: Investing in Human Capital: Theory (Esther Duflo)

Session 7: Demand for Education (Esther Duflo)

Session 8: Private and Social Returns to Education (Esther Duflo)

Session 9: Supply of Education (Esther Duflo)

Session 10: Savings (Esther Duflo)

  • Problem set 2 due

Sessions 11–12: Demand for Health (Esther Duflo)

Session 13: Family (Ben Olken)

Session 14: Gender and the Family (Esther Duflo)

  • Problem set 3 due

Session 15: Gender and the Labor Market (Esther Duflo)

Session 16: Land Markets (Part 1) (Ben Olken)

Session 17: Land Markets (Part 2) (Ben Olken)

  • Problem set 4 due

Session 18: Public Finance (Tax) (Ben Olken)

Sessions 19–21: Public Finance  (Ben Olken)

  • Problem set 5 due
  • Replication exercise due
  • Research proposal due

Sessions 22–23: Labor (Ben Olken)

Sessions 24–25: Credit (Ben Olken)

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