15.014 | Spring 2016 | Graduate

Applied Macro- and International Economics II

Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes for the course are available in the table below.

BBNN Framework
1 PROMISE (Part I) Lecture 1: PROMISE (PDF)
2 BBNN: Internal and External Adjustment Notes not available
3 Short Run Adjustment: ASAD Notes not available
4 Automatic Adjustment and External Account Measurement Notes not available
5 Shocks to BB and NN Notes not available
6 Social Peace Line and Political Cycles Lecture 6: BBNN Argentina (PDF - 1.1MB)
7 Environmental Restriction Line Notes not available
8 Offshoring Exercise Lecture 8: BBNN Offshoring (PDF)
Economic Policy
9 Fish Banks and Pareto Efficiency Notes not available
10 Market Faillure: Natural Monopolies: Natural Resources Notes not available
11 Market Faillure: Crime, Corruption, and Institutions Notes not available
12 Market Faillure: Public Goods: Social Security Lecture 12: Social Security (PDF)
13 Market Faillure: Public Choice: Democracy Lecture 13: Choice (PDF)
14 Market Faillure: Externalities: Lobsters and Taxes Notes not available
15 Market Faillure: Unaceptable Outcomes: Poverty and Inequality Lecture 15: Income Inequality (PDF - 2.4MB)
New Technologies
16 New Technologies: Cryptocurrencies Lecture 16: BitCoin (PDF - 2.8MB)
17 New Technologies: Payment Systems Notes not available
18 New Technologies: Economic Measurement Notes not available
19 PROMISE (Part II) Notes not available
20 Life through Others Notes not available

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