15.060 | Fall 2014 | Graduate

Data, Models, and Decisions

Case Learning Modules

Assigned Cases

Details about the following case assignments can be found in the Readings section.

  • Kendall Crab and Lobster
  • Great Apps of Ann Arbor
  • Gentle Lentil Restaurant
  • Ontario Gateway
  • Predicting Heating Oil Consumption at Oilplus
  • Executive Compensation
  • Filatoi Riuniti
  • International Industries, Inc.
  • Blums, Martins and Georgia Perakis. “Money Tree Mortgage in Distress: Evaluating Alternative Funding Options.”
  • Pricing Strategies for Power-Pro’s MBA Laptop Bag

Additional Cases Developed by the Faculty

Faculty members collaborated with students to create new, relevant case modules to enhance the course. The following cases were not required for this version of the course, but are listed as resources here.

  • Freund, Robert M. and Jonathan Potter. “Vermont City Electric.”
  • Freund, Robert M. and Phil Zakahi. “Milagro: Predicting Store Profitability at a Fast-Casual Restaurant Chain.”
  • Itzkovich, Tal, Jonathan Lehrich, Georgia Perakis, and Diane Rucker. “Minding Nemo.”