15.301 | Fall 2006 | Undergraduate

Managerial Psychology

Lecture Notes

All guest lecturers are courtesy of the person named. Used with permission.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 The three lenses (PDF)
3 Research project methods and examples (PDF)
4 Perceptions and attitudes (PDF)
5 Motivation
6 Motivation case
7 Cognitive style (MBTI) (PDF)

Decision making (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Yishai Boasson

9 Negotiation (PDF)
10 Creativity (PDF)
11 Social influence (PDF)
12 Groups (PDF)
13 Group decision making (PDF)

Organizational analysis (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Damien Bador

15 Networks (PDF)
16 Organizational culture (PDF)

Leadership and power (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Maria Quijada

18 Organizational learning (PDF)

Presentation skills (PDF)

Guest lecturer: Karen Boiko

20 50K team visit
21 Organizational change (PDF)
22 The strategy that wouldn’t travel
23 The strategy that wouldn’t travel (cont.)
24 In-class quiz
25 Finalist presentations
26 Wrap-up

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