15.564 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Information Technology I

Lecture Notes

The Basics: Hardware, OS, and Software
1 Introduction: Course Overview; Inside the CPU
2 Computer Architecture: Processing, Memory and I/O
3 Computer Representations; Compression (PDF)
4 Operating Systems (PDF)
5 Software Development
6 Relational Databases; Database Queries Using SQL (PDF)
7 An Introduction to Microsoft Access (PDF)
8 Relational Database Design (PDF)
9 Introduction to User Interface Building with Access Examples (PDF)
Networks and Telecommunications
10 Telecommunication Concepts; Data Transmission (PDF)
11 Local Area Networks; Ethernet; Packet-switched Networks (PDF)
12 Midterm Exam - In Class
13 Wide Area Networks; The Internet (PDF)
14 Wireless Network Technologies (PDF)
Distributed Computing and Web Technologies
15 Client/Server, Peer-to-Peer and the WWW (PDF)
16 Security I: Public Key Cryptography (PDF)
17 Security II: Digital Signatures; Network Security (PDF)
18 Evolution of Web Technologies (PDF)
eBusiness Applications
19 Under the Hood of a Commercial Web Site (PDF)
20 Data Mining, Data Warehousing (PDF)
21 Software Agents (PDF)
22 Student Presentations I
23 Student Presentations II
24 Trends in eBusiness Technology; Course Wrap-up
25 Final Exam - In Class