15.668 | Fall 2010 | Undergraduate

People and Organizations

Lecture Notes

Notes are available for selected lectures below.

1 Introduction and overview (PDF)
2 Work and careers: Past, present, and future (PDF)
3 Leading and facilitating teams: An engineering team exercise (PDF)
4 Organizations: Past, present, future (PDF)
5 Organizational analysis: Strategic design lens (PDF)
6 Organizational analysis: Political lens (PDF)
7 Putting the political lens to work: Influencing upward in organizations  
8 Organizational analysis: Cultural lens (PDF)
9 The cultural lens in action: The Lincoln Electric case  
10 Applying the three lenses: BP and lessons from the Gulf Coast disaster  
11 Teams in organizations  
12 Team processes: Strategies for building a high performance team (PDF)
13 Midterm exam  
14 Introduction to negotiations (PDF)
15 Recruitment and job offer negotiation (PDF)
16 Interest-based bargaining in action: Riggs Engineering case study  
17 Leadership and change: Introductions (PDF - 1.3MB)
18 Leadership and change (cont.)  
19 Leadership continued: The Big Dig, Part 1 (PDF - 1.2MB)
20 Leadership continued: The Big Dig, Part 2  
21 Organizational change: MassDOT case  
22 Managing the innovation process  
23 Corporate responsibility in global supply chain  
24 Team reports on change project  
25 Inventing the future: Wrap-up  

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