15.760A | Spring 2002 | Graduate

Operations Management

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction
Operations Overview (PDF)
2 Project Management
New Product Development and 3-DCE (PDF)
3 Operations Strategy
Operations Analysis (PDF)
4 Inventory Management (PDF)
5 Process Technology (PDF)
6 Process Technology (cont.) (PDF)
7 Process Technology
ERP Systems (PDF)
8 Process Analysis
Process Flow Models (PDF)
9 Process Quality (PDF)
10 Process Analysis
Queueing Systems (PDF)
11 Process Quality
Quality Tools and Philosophies (PDF)

Process Quality (PDF)
TQM Process Capability (PDF)
Toyota Production System (PDF)

14 Process Quality
15 Process Quality
Management of Constraints
16 Supply Chain Design (PDF)
17 Supply Chain Management
18 Supply Chain Management
Vendor-managed Inventory (PDF)

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Spring 2002
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Lecture Notes