15.772J | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

D-Lab: Supply Chains

Supplemental Readings and Materials

Supplemental readings:

Yadav, Prashant, Orla, Stapleton, et al. “Always Cola, Rarely Essential Medicines: Comparing Medicine and Consumer Product Supply Chains in the Developing World.” (PDF) INSEAD The Business School for the World, 2011.

Treville, Suzanne De, Ian Smith, et al. “Applying Operations Management Logic and Tools to Save Lives: A Case Study of the World Health Organization’s Global Drug Facility.” Journal of Operations Management 24, no. 4 (2006): 397–406.

Nelson, Jane, Eriko Ishikawa et al. “Developing Inclusive Business Models: A Review of Coca-Cola’s Manual Distribution Centres in Ethiopia and Tanzania.” (PDF - 2.3MB) CSRI Report No. 38, 2009.

Supplemental materials:

Newsvendor Inventory Problem (PDF) and Spreadsheet Tool (XLS) for Sessions 13 and 14.

Derivation of Newsboy Cost for Uniform Demand (PDF) and Derivation of Newsboy Cost When Demand is Normally Distributed (PDF) for Session 15.

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