Lecture Notes

1 Introduction to Supply Networks: Supply Chain Management (PDF)
2 Supply Chain Management: Logistics (PDF)
3 Service Vision and Characteristics (PDF)
4 Service Encounter and Guarantees (PDF)
5 Customer Satisfaction (PDF)
6 Customer Retention and Loyalty (PDF)
7 Creating and Sustaining Excellence (PDF)
8 Matching Supply and Demand: Tug of War (PDF)
9 Managing a Global Service Company
10 Introducing a New Service in a Distributed Environment
11 Introducing a New Service in a Distributed Environment (cont.) (PDF)
12 Matching Supply and Demand: Procurement and Outsourcing (PDF)
13 Matching Supply and Demand: Managing the Interface - Call Centers (PDF)
14 Guest Speaker Topic: The Power of Management Capital
15 Supply Chain Management: Road-mapping and Value Chain Design
16 Supply Chain Management: Value of Information (PDF)
17 Information Technology Services: Internal Organization, Supplier Management, and Outsourcing
18 Supply Chain Governance: UPS Project (PDF)
19 Supply Chain Management: International Issues
20 Course Summary and Wrap-up (PDF)

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Summer 2004
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Lecture Notes