15.821 | Fall 2002 | Graduate

Listening to the Customer


LEC # Topics Key Dates
1 Introduction  
2 Case: Boston Beer Boston Beer Company, Storytelling Pick Project Team
3 Guest Lecture: Robert Klein, AMS Pick Topic & Prepare Discussion
4 Interviews, Consumer Behavior Pick Topic & Prepare Discussion (continued)
5 Guest Lecture Jim Ferry, B.I.G. Conduct Interview
6 Focus Groups: Boston Fights Drugs, Test-marketing a President Conduct Interview (continued)
7 Guest Lecture Christina Hepner Brodie Complete and Transcribe Interviews
8 Observational Methods Complete and Transcribe Interviews (continued)
9 ‘Scrubbing’ Exercise Identify and Scrub
10 Generating Concepts Identify and Scrub (continued)
11 The Customer’s Voice on Pricing Create an Affinity Diagram
12 Presentations  

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Fall 2002
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