I. Introduction and Overview of Strategic Management
1 The Delta Model
2 Porter’s Frameworks and the Resource-Based View of the Firm
II. Business Strategy
3 Customer Segmentation and Customer Value Proposition
4 The Firm as a Bundle of Competencies and Putting it All Together
5 Industry Structure and Competitive Interaction
6 The Decommoditization of a Business
7 Competitive Positioning
III. Technology and Industry Transformation
8 Sustaining Competitive Advantage
9 Competitive Dynamics
10 Putting it All Together: Integrating The Critical Tasks of Strategy
IV. Corporate Strategy
11 Corporate Strategy - The Core Concepts
12 Corporate Philosophy and Culture
13 General Principles of Organization Design
14 Human Resources Management and Knowledge Management
15 Business Processes: The Core Concepts and Managing the Global Supply Chain
V. Aggregate and Granular Metrics
16 Metrics of Value Creation
17 The Balanced Scorecard and Granular Metrics
VI. Integration
18 Organizational Leadership

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