15.912 | Fall 2008 | Graduate

Technology Strategy


Two-page papers
Paper 1 Sketch the relevant S curve(s) for your industry. Is the industry likely to be subject to “natural technological limits”? Why or why not? Has it experienced “disruptions”? Is it likely to do so soon? Ses #3
Paper 2 What are the principal drivers of industry evolution in your industry? What are the main market segments and how are customer needs likely to evolve? Ses #6
Paper 3

How have the firms in your industry captured the value that they have created historically?

What has been the relative role of uniqueness and complementary assets? Does this differ across firms? Will this change in the future?

Ses #10
Paper 4 What role do standards, platforms, and partnerships play in how value is captured in your industry? Ses #16
Final project
Outline paragraph Please submit a brief paragraph outlining your final paper topic and listing the people with whom you hope to work. Ses #14
Presentation slides All groups must also prepare a 15 minute (maximum) presentation of the findings of their project (in 5 slides or less). These should be viewed as a “trial run” or brief summary of your paper’s findings. Selected groups will be asked to present their slides during class in Ses #23, so please come prepared to present if you are called upon. Ses #22
Final paper The final paper should illustrate the application of one or more of the frameworks developed in the class to an industry or firm of your choice. No extensions can be given, so please plan ahead. It should be roughly ten to fifteen pages in length and can be completed either individually or in groups of two or three. Ses #24

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