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Introduction and Overview
1 What is technology strategy and why does it matter (PDF) (PDF)
Technological Innovation
2 Technological innovation   (PDF)
3 Technological innovation and design options (PDF) (PDF)
4 Projects (an opportunity to present proposals for project ideas) (PDF)  
Demand Opportunity, Life-cycles and Transition
5 Demand opportunity (PDF) (PDF)
6 Marketing high-tech products (PDF) (PDF)
7 Debrief and discussion on demand opportunity (PDF)  
8 Life-cycles and transitions   (PDF)
9 Responses to transitions (PDF) (PDF)
10 Debrief and discussion on transitions and disruption (PDF)  
Business Ecosystems, Creating and Capturing Value
11 Business ecosystems (PDF) (PDF)
12 Standards battles   (PDF)
13 Ecosystems, standards and value capture   (PDF)
14 Debrief and discussion on ecosystems and value capture    
15 Open innovation and open source   (PDF)
16 Debrief and discussion on open innovation and open source (PDF)  
Strategy, Adaptation, Agility and Decision-making
17 Strategy and adaptation   (PDF)
18 Re-invention and convergence    
19 Debrief and discussion on strategic agility    
20 Simulation    
21 Tough decisions   (PDF)
22 Debrief and discussion on decision-making (PDF)  
Wrap-up, Summary and Project Presentations
23 Wrap-up and summary    
24 Project presentations (1)    
25 Project presentations (2)    

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