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The following set of slides correspond to the Video Lectures. You will also find each linked on the corresponding Lecture Slides tab in the video gallery.

1 Lecture 1: Overview and Introduction (PDF - 6.8MB)
2 Lecture 2: Introduction to Postflop Play (PDF - 14.7MB)
3 Lecture 3: Tournamnents vs. Cash Games (PDF - 7.6MB)
4 Lecture 4: Preflop Re-raising Theory (PDF - 1.1MB)
5 Lecture 5: Guest Speaker Jennifer Shahade (no notes)
6 Lecture 6: Independent Chip Model (PDF)
7 Lecture 7: An In-depth Combinatorial Hand Analysis in Cash Games (PDF - 2.9MB)
8 Lecture 8: Guest Speaker Bill Chen (no notes)

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