1 Introduction and vision I  
2 Vision II  
3 Space bioastronautics Formation of graduate project teams
4 Research methods I  
5 Research methods II  
6 Vestibular/spatial disorientation Statistics problem set due
7 Displays  
8 Space human factors Graduate project topics due
9 Manual control I Project 1 due: Divided attention
10 Manual control II  
11 PIO and Cooper Harper Manual control problem set due
12 Handling qualities  
13 Space physiology  
Quiz 1
14 Auditory Project 2 due: Visual vs. auditory reaction time
15 Automaton, situation, awareness  
16 Flight deck automation working group  
17 Decision making; FAA regulations  
18 Attention/workload  
19 Fatigue/circadian rhythms  
20 Anthropometry/environmental ergonomics Project 3 due: Flight simulation
21 Response selection and control of movement  
22 Automobile HF Graduate final projects due
Quiz 2

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