Lecture Notes

These lectures in experimental design and technical communication helped prepare 16.621 students to conceive and design their experimental project. Students in the 16.622 course use this knowledge to implement and operate their experiment and then to report on their findings. This lecture schedule may have been adjusted from the original course calendar.

Lecture 1 - Welcome to 16.621/16.622 (PDF)

Lecture 2 - Introduction to 16.62x (PDF)

Lecture 3 - Ethics and Experimental Research Projects (PDF)

Lecture 4 - Hypothesis, Objective, Success Criteria (PDF)

Lecture 5 - How Writers and Speakers Plan Communication Strategy (PDF)

Lecture 6 - Notes on 16.621 Grading (PDF)

Lecture 7 - Experimental Design (PDF)

Lecture 8 - Literature Searches (PDF)

Lecture 9 - Test Matrices (PDF)

Lecture 10 - Experimental Measurement: Methods and Methodology (PDF)

Lecture 11 - Error Analysis (Uncertainty Analysis) (PDF)

Lecture 12 - Data Analysis (PDF)

Lecture 13 - Data Reduction (PDF) and Hiawatha

Lecture 14 - Creating Effective Graphics (PDF)

Lecture 15 - Graphics that Present Data (PDF)

Lecture 16 - Progress Reports (PDF)

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