1 Systems Engineering Overview and Stakeholder Analysis Group Assignment A1 Out
2 Requirements Definition Group Assignment A2 Out
3 Introduction to Systems Modeling Languages Group Assignment A1 Due
4 System Architecture and Concept Generation Group Assignment A2 Due;
Group Assignment A3 Out
5 Tradespace Exploration and Concept Selection Group Assignment A4 Out
6 Design Definition and Multidisciplinary Optimization Group Assignment A3 Due
Individual Written Online Quiz
7 MBSE and Introduction to CAD (Guest Lecture from Solidworks) Group Assignment A5 Out
8 Systems Integration and Interface Management Group Assignment A4 Due 
9 Verification and Validation  
10 Commissioning and Operations Group Assignment A5 Due
11 Lifecycle Management  
12 Prototyping and Manufacturing  
Two-page Personal Reflective Memos Due and Oral Exams

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