The course schedule is given below. EVSMA refers to the semester-long project on Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and Analysis.

1 Introduction/Class Overview

Team Projects

Class Survey

Desired Outcomes


Course Overview

2 Lean Fundamentals

Lean Concepts and Principles

MIT Lean Enterprise Model (LEM)

Value Stream Analysis and Mapping (VSA/VSM)

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and Analysis (EVSMA)

“Mapping Your Value Stream” Video

3 Lean Enterprises

Enterprise Components and Stakeholders

Enterprise Process Architecture

Three Levels of Enterprises

Enterprise Value Streams

Individual Assignment 1: Value Stream Mapping due
4 Value and Enterprise Stakeholders

Value Creation Framework

Identifying Stakeholder Values

5 Lean Manufacturing

Concepts of Lean Manufacturing

Supporting Toolset

Value Stream Map Comparison of a Mass and Lean Production System

Lean Concepts and Outcomes in Manufacturing Environments

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Video

EVSMA step 1A due
6 Transition-To-Lean Roadmap (TTL)

How do I Transform to Become a Lean Enterprise?

EVSMA step 1B due
7 Lean Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Integration

Supplier Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

EVSMA step 1C due
8 Lean Engineering

Big Picture of Product Development

Product and Process Definition

Process Focus

Value Stream Mapping an Information Process

Information Wastes

9 Lean Systems Engineering and Integrated Concurrent Engineering EVSMA step 2 due
10 Enterprise Interactions

Information Characteristics and Handoffs

Integrated Information Flow

11 People and Organizational Issues in the Lean Enterprise

Organizational Objectives and Structures (Allen)

Corporate Culture and Change (Schein)

Empowerment and Motivation

EVSMA step 3C due
12 Strategy and Measurement in the Lean Enterprise

Strategy, Positioning, and Operational Effectiveness


Balanced Scorecard Approach

EVSMA step 3A due
13 Lean Enterprise Self-Assessment Tool (LESAT)

How do I Assess My Progress? (LESAT)

EVSMA step 3B due
14 Enterprise Information Systems Individual Assignment 2: Lean Enterprise Article due
15 Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Basics

Implementing Knowledge Management

Human Capital - Creating and Maintaining

EVSMA step 4A due
16 Transformational Leadership

Management vs. Leadership

Leading Organizational Change

Leadership Characteristics

EVSMA step 3D due
17 Enterprise Case

Interfacing vs. Integrating

Enterprise Engineering

EVSMA step 4B due
18 Team Presentations (EVSMA Steps 1-4) Presentation on EVSMA steps 1-4 due
19 Enterprise Integration

Improvement vs. Design

Strategies for Enterprise Architecting

Institutionalizing Lean - Sustainment

Caveats and Risk Mitigation

Global Environment

20 Industry Case EVSMA step 5 due
21 Improvement Initiative Comparison

Fundamentals of Each Initiative

Compare and Contrast

Synergies - Putting them Together, Tailoring an Approach

EVSMA step 6 due
22 Student Presentations of Lean Enterprise Frameworks Individual Assignment 3: Lean Framework due
23-25 Final Team Presentations Final presentation and report due

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