This section includes the instructions and questions for the mid-term exam, a component of Option A of the course’s written requirement (see syllabus).

Mid Term Exam – Take Home

Due Week 7.


The purpose of this mid-term is to:

  • Show your understanding of the reading assignments and relations to the seminar discussions and class participation,
  • Demonstrate your grasp of globalization issues at this point in time, and on this basis
  • Obtain some feedback from the instructors.

It would be useful to outline your answers before actually writing. Since you will demonstrate familiarity with the assigned readings, please feel free to draw from materials across various weeks – as needed. When doing so, please indicate the specific reference(s). Please be sure to note references for general points you make, and specific pages for any direct quotes.

Finally, please make sure that the first and last paragraphs of your essays are coherent and related to each other. It would be a simple reminder that you are retaining your chosen focus.

anchoranchorThe Questions

Please answer 2 of the 4 questions below – with no more than 5-6 pages each question – double space (roughly 250 words per page). Each answer is in essence an ’essay'.

  1. Please write an essay comparing and contrasting “globalization” in historical versus contemporary contexts. In so doing, define the way in which you are using the concept of globalization, and specify the time frames for your comparisons. In your view, are there some generic features of ‘globalization’? If so, what might these be? If not, why not?

  2. What are the implications, if any, of the globalization process for the sovereignty of states? Please define your use of “globalization” and “sovereignty”. In your response, be sure to address general as well as specific “implications” as relevant. If possible, please illustrate with reference to specific examples.

  3. What is the relevance of population (and population issues) to the shaping of globalization (in terms of structures and processes)? Please address the ways in which different authors (or analysts) argue for the importance of population variable(s), and then draw some inferences regarding implications for, or relevance to, “globalization”. In so doing, please address issues pertaining to “population” in general, and then illustrate with reference to a specific aspect or feature of “population” of your choice. 


    What is the relevance of technology (or technology issues) to the shaping of “globalization”? Please address ways in which different authors (or analysts) factor in the technology variable(s) in discussions of “globalization”. In so doing, please address issues pertaining to “technology” in general, and then illustrate with reference to a specific “technology” of your choice.

  4. The concepts of time and space – along with scale and scope – are key factors or terms shaping our understanding “globalization”. Please write an essay on these factors as they serve as devices to help clarify the nature of “globalization”. In this context, be sure to define the terms, provide specific examples, and illustrate their implications.