17.418 | Fall 2011 | Graduate, Undergraduate

Field Seminar: International Relations Theory


Course Meeting Times

Seminars: 1 session / week, 2 hours / session


MIT master’s students and undergraduates can enroll only with the instructor’s permission.


This seminar provides an overview of the field of international relations. Each week, a different approach to explaining international relations will be examined. By surveying major concepts and theories in the field, the seminar will also assist graduate students in preparing for the comprehensive examination and further study in the department’s more specialized offerings in international relations.

Requirements and Grading

A successful seminar requires attendance at every meeting, completion of all readings and active, engaged participation. To stimulate discussion, students will be assigned as discussants.

Participation 30%
Short Essays 30%
Final Exercise 40%

Research memos count toward class participation. To learn about the memos and other assignments, please see the Assignments section.