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Causes and Prevention of War



Students are required to write two short ungraded response papers that react to course material, and two longer papers on questions arising from course material. The two response papers each will be two pages long (double spaced). The longer papers should total about 16 pages–roughly 8 pages each.

Response Papers

Your 2-page response papers should make an argument relevant to the course. Specifically, your argument can dispute or agree with an argument(s) advanced in the reading or lectures; can assess or explain policies or historical events described in the reading and lectures; or can address current events that are relevant to course materials or issues. So your choice of topic is pretty open. Evaluating policies or ideas covered in the reading or lecture is encouraged. In your first paragraph please offer a 1–2 sentence summary of your argument. These papers will not be graded but are mandatory and must be completed to receive full credit for class participation.

The response papers are due during Session 7 and Session 9.

8-Page Papers

We require that you submit a finished draft of at least one of your longer papers 7 days before its due date in order to get comments for rewrite from your TA or writing tutor .You are wise to submit all longer papers to your TA or writing tutor early for comments–you’ll learn from it! So please leave yourself time to get comments on drafts of your longer papers from our staff before you submit final drafts.

The longer papers are due during Session 13 and Session 24.

For detailed information on the graded papers, see First Paper Assignment and Second Paper Assignment.

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