17.523 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Ethnicity and Race in World Politics

Lecture Notes

The following lecture notes appear courtesy of an OCW note taker. The notes do not represent a literal transcription of the lecture but rather the broad ideas presented in class. The outlines are documents the professor used in lecture to guide the class in discussion.

1 Introduction: Objectives and Requirements of the Course    
2-3 Rethinking Ethnicity and Race Lec #2 (PDF)

Lec #3 (PDF)

4 Ethnic and Racial Identities in Comparative Perspective  (PDF) (PDF)
5-7 What are the Political Dimensions of Ethnicity and Race?  Lec #5 (PDF) Lec #5 (PDF)

Lec #6 (PDF)

Lec #7 (PDF)

8 A Framework for Analysis of Ethnopolitical Mobilization   (PDF)
9-10 The Sources of Discontent: The Intersections of Race and Class  Lec #9 (PDF) Lec #9 (PDF)

Lec #10 (PDF)

11-12 Government Responses to Ethnopolitical Demands and Group Disadvantage Lec #11 (PDF) Lec #11 (PDF)
13 International Dimensions of National Ethnopolitical Conflicts (PDF) (PDF)
14-15 The Emergence of International Human Rights  Lec #14 (PDF) Lec #14 (PDF)

Lec #15 (PDF)

16-18 Are Human Rights Universal?: Women’s Rights versus Cultural Practices  Lec #16 (PDF) Lec #16 (PDF)

Lec #17 (PDF)

Lec #18 (PDF)

19 Human Rights and Foreign Policy: Should Outsiders Assist the Ethnic/Racial Groups of Another Country?   (PDF)
20-23 International Humanitarian Intervention: Bosnia vs. Darfur, Sudan and Rwanda   Lec #20 (PDF)

Lec #21 (PDF)

Lec #22 (PDF)

Lec #23 (PDF)

24 Ethnic Minority Rights, Human Rights, and Sovereignty   (PDF)
25-26 Review Class - Lessons Learned and Looking Forward   Lec #25 (PDF)

Lec #26 (PDF)

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