17.565 | Spring 2019 | Undergraduate

Israel: History, Politics, Culture, Identity


Classroom Presentation

The presentations are done periodically throughout the term and are mainly related to the specific topic discussed during a session. 

Possible Topics 

  • Israel’s political system
  • Israel’s educational systems
  • Israel’s military
  • Globalization and Israel
  • Israel’s municipal and regional systems
  • The post-Zionism debate
  • The Israeli economy
  • Israel’s settlement projects and colonialism
  • How Jewish is the Jewish state?
  • The Holocaust in Israeli identity
  • The Israeli Diaspora
  • Jewish-ethnic groups in Israel
  • The ultra-Orthodox sub-culture in Israel
  • Civil society in Israel [NGOs, etc.]
  • The Palestinian-Arab minority in Israel
  • ‘Ethnic democracy’ versus ’ethnocracy’
  • ‘Jewish and democratic’ versus ‘a state for all its citizens’
  • Israeli popular music as a reflection of the country’s identity
  • Israeli literature and Israeli identity
  • Israel and the Jewish-Diaspora relations
  • The development of Israel’s culinary as an expression of its identity

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