18.085 | Summer 2020 | Undergraduate

Computational Science and Engineering I


1 Review of Linear Algebra  
2 Review of Linear Algebra (cont.)  
3 Review of Linear Algebra (cont.)  
4 Differences, Derivatives, and Boundary Conditions  
5 Inverses and Delta Functions  
6 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Problem set 1 due
7 Positive Definite Matrices and Least Squares  
8 Numerical Linear Algebra: LU, QR, SVD  
9 Equilibrium and the Stiffness Matrix Problem set 2 due
10 Oscillation by Newton’s Law I  
11 Oscillation by Newton’s Law II  
12 Graph Models and Kirchhoff’s Laws Problem set 3 due
13 Damped Harmonic Oscillators and the Laplace Transform I  
14 Damped Harmonic Oscillators and the Laplace Transform II  
  [no lecture] Midterm exam
15 Review of Vector Calculus I  
16 Review of Vector Calculus II; Fourier Series  
17 Fourier Series (cont.) Problem set 4 due
18 Polar Coordinates and Laplace’s Equation  
19 Laplace’s Equation and Separation of Variables  
20 Laplace’s Equation and Finite Difference Problem set 5 due
21 The Finite Element Method I  
22 The Finite Element Method II  
23 The Discrete Fourier Transform and the FFT I Problem set 6 due
24 The Discrete Fourier Transform and the FFT II  
25 Convolution and Signal Processing  
26 Fourier Integrals Problem set 7 due
27 Course Review Take-home final exam released
28 Guest Lectures Take-home final exam due
29 Special Topic: Deep Learning/Double Descent  

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