These labs are based on those given in Professor Robert L. Devaney’s textbook, A First Course in Chaotic Dynamical Systems. New York, NY: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, The Advanced Book Program, 1995. ISBN: 0201554062, and in his course at Boston University. They utilize the resources provided by him on The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project Web site and Mathematica Tools written by Sebastian Marotta.

Students are strongly encouraged to work together on these experiments. In each computer lab, students are asked to write an essay describing their findings. See the related resources section for information on writing mathematics and Lab Report Expectations ( PDF ).

The student work in this section appears courtesy of the individuals named and is used with permission

Lab 1 ( PDF )

Example 1 ( PDF ) (Alejandro Ochoa)

Example 2 ( PDF ) (Jeremy Hurwitz)

Example 3 ( PDF ) (Wes McKinney)

Lab 2 ( PDF )

Example 1 ( PDF ) (Alejandro Ochoa)

Example 2 ( PDF ) (Jeremy Hurwitz)

Lab 3 ( PDF )

Example 1 ( PDF ) (Alejandro Ochoa)

Example 2 ( PDF ) (Wes McKinney)

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