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Please read the article “ Writing a Math Phase Two Paper ” by Professor Kleiman.

There are a number of other articles on the Web which talk about mathematical writing. Here are some that are recommended:

A Guide to Writing Mathematics ( PDF )

Mathematical Writing Checklist ( PDF )

Common Errors in the Writing of Mathematics ( PDF )

For general information about reading mathematics, please consult the article “ How to Read Mathematics ” by Shai Simonson and Fernando Gouveau.

The labs in this course are based on those given in Professor Robert L. Devaney’s textbook, A First Course in Chaotic Dynamical Systems. New York, NY: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, The Advanced Book Program, 1995. ISBN: 0201554062 , and in his course at Boston University. They utilize the resources provided by him on  The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project Web site .

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