In this undergraduate level seminar for mathematics majors, students present and discuss subject matter taken from current journals or books.

Sample Student Work

All student work is used with permission.


The students will take turns giving presentations using slides (computer or overhead projector). This is an interactive session, therefore attendance is required.


Each student will write a paper on a topic related to the course. It must be written in Latex and approximately ten pages long. The writing should be aimed at a typical MIT math major, and it should reflect the student’s own understanding of the subject.

The Sine Product Formula and the Gamma Function Erica Chan (PDF) (PDF)
Stirling’s Formula: An Approximation of the Factorial Eric Gilbertson (PDF)  
Twin Prime Conjecture Allison Berke (PDF) (PDF)
Average Values of Arithmetic Functions Rose Wong (PDF) (PDF)
The Golden Ratio Agustinus Peter Sahanggamu (PDF) (PDF)

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