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Sample Student Papers

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To illustrate the writing and revision process for the student papers, two sample projects are presented below.

Sample Paper 1: The Dynamics of Successive Differences Over ℤ and ℝ

This project developed from the project description for Number Squares (PDF). To view the practice presentation and final presentation from this team of students, see the Sample Student Presentations page.

The student work is courtesy of Yida Gao, Matt Redmond, and Zach Steward. Used with permission.

Debriefing for First Draft of Sample Paper 1

This video features the debriefing meeting for the first draft of Sample Paper 1. The student team first presents their findings, and then the course instructors offer feedback and discuss the mathematics and the writing for the project.

Sample Paper 2: Tossing a Coin

This project developed from the project description for Tossing a Coin (PDF).

The student work is courtesy of Jean Manuel Nater, Peter Wear, and Michael Cohen. Used with permission.

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