18.996 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Random Matrix Theory and Its Applications

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes below are a selection of handouts that were presented and analyzed in class.

Jacobian Code (PDF)

Why are Random Matrices Cool? (PDF)

Class Handout (Chapter 8) (PDF)

Class Handout Addendum (Handbook of Matrix Jacobians) (PDF)

Class Handout (Chapter 9) (PDF)

Professor Edelman’s Thesis with some of the Eigenvalue Density Formulas (PDF - 1.3 MB)

Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials Handout (PDF)

Upper Bounds on the Bit-Error Rate of Optimum Combining in Wireless Systems - Winters and Salz

Bounds and Approximations for Optimum Combining of Signals in the Presence of Multiple Cochannel Interferers and Thermal Noise - Chiani and Win

A Laguerre Polynomial-based Bound on the Symbol Error Probability for Adaptive Antennas with Optimum Combining - Chiani, Win, Zanella, and Winters

Error Probability for Optimum Combining of M-ary PSK Signals in the Presence of Interference and Noise - Chiani, Win, and Zanella

On the Capacity of Spatially Correlated MIMO Rayleigh-fading Channels - Chiani, Win, and Zanella

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