18.S097 | January IAP 2019 | Undergraduate

Applied Category Theory

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This course is based on the textbook:

Fong, B. and D. I. Spivak. An Invitation to Applied Category Theory: Seven Sketches in Compositionality. Cambridge University Press, 2019. ISBN: 9781108482295.

An online version is freely available on Cornell University’s arXiv.org e-Print archive site as well as from OCW as a single file: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory: Seven Sketches in Compositionality (PDF - 2.6MB).

1–2 Chapter 1: Generative Effects: Orders and Adjunctions
3–4 Chapter 2: Resources: Monoidal Preorders and Enrichment
5–6 Chapter 3: Databases: Categories, Functors, and (Co)Limits
7–8 Chapter 4: Co-design: Profunctors and Monoidal Categories
9–10 Chapter 5: Signal Flow Graphs: Props, Presentations, and Proofs
11–12 Chapter 6: Circuits: Hypergraph Categories and Operads
13–14 Chapter 7: Logic of Behavior: Sheaves, Toposes, Languages

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January IAP 2019
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